Our Bed and Breakfast is dedicated to making your snowmobile trip here an experience of a lifetime.
The majority of the time snow conditions allow us to ride from our front door.
We prefer to cater to clients that are focused on snowmobiling and do our best to accommodate this.
Services Included :
  • 3 meals a day
  • Drying area for your gear
  • Relaxation area to go over the days adventures and review any helmet cam footage and photos of the day.
  • Hot tub for those muscles you forgot you have
  • Shop and tools for any repairs you may need to do
Other Services not included:
  • Home Video and Pictures of your trip
  • Mechanical and welding services
 If you connect the dots between Enderby,Mabel Lake and Three Valley Gap you come up with a triangle the encompasses one of British Columbia’s Premier Snowmobiling Areas.HUNTERS RANGE. With 2 Snowmobile Clubs operating in this area ,Sledders have some of the worlds best Snowmobiling available to them.Hunters Range Snowmobile Association and Eagle Valley Snowmobile Club have been grooming and managing these areas for years, offering 1000 of BC’s best riding areas  to the general public.
We are situated right in the heart of this area .Having been born and raised in the Mabel Lake valley east of Enderby  winter has been a part of our lives for over 40 years.I have been in and out of the sport of snowmobiling over the years but hard core into it for the last 15.We have always had the pleasure of being able to ride right from my front door . We are now going to share this convenience with others. Our Bed and Breakfast has 3 rooms available for rent . Word of our Hospitality has spread far and wide…Your stay with us will boast Home Cooked Meals of the finest quality.We provide a packed lunch for on the hill with plenty of water to drink.Your stay with us will offer memories of a life time.